TABATA Inspired  - An ALL OUT effort workout based on the 20/10 sec max interval training.  Tabata Training can be done with a number of different exercises.  The idea is to use an exercise that gets the whole body involved, or at least the major muscle groups using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or just bodyweight exercises.


The GRIND - A total body endurance based workout that will challenge your mind, body and spirit.  Mental and physical stamina will be tested.  Long rounds are paired with BIG movements for action packed 45 minutes of sweat!

UPPER Half - This muscle building workout consists of mostly upper body concentration. These sessions are usually in station format or instructor led.  In addition to the strength, the workout will contain some form of HIIT (high intensity interval training) to make it a complete workout!


MET-CA (Metabolic Chaos) – A total body endurance based workout that will challenge both your mental and physical stamina. It is fit for all levels with modifications provided. Longer intervals are paired with dynamic movements to provide maximum sweat potential in just 45 minutes.  Convince the mind you can do it, your body CAN stand the challenge!


LOWER HALF  - The focus is lower body concentration. These sessions are usually in station format or are instructor led.  Training will consists of resistance training, plyometrics and other various methods of lower body training.  Each workout will also contain a metabolic finisher to drain the tank and kick up the metabolism.


QUALITY CORE - This workout consists of a never-ending variation of movements requiring the entire body but with focus on the core.  Most sessions include body weight training and resistance training which also requires trainees to concentrate on body mechanics and body awareness.


AMRAP  - As Many Reps As Possible. This workout consists of exercises where each individual has to complete as many repetitions as humanly possible in a given amount of time. Each session has multiple stations and exercises to accomplish with your best effort.  Great energy and fun to be had


CBC 101 - This class targets maximum fat loss through HIIT!  Each workout is designed to attack fat with cardio and strength training at the same time!  Conquering the workout routines offered in CBC 101 will give Trainees an advantage in their personal training regimens!  CBC 101 incorporates basic/classic HIIT exercises (plank; sprints; jumping jacks; squats; push-ups; lunges; core  work) – but with that trademark CBC twist!


hardCORE - A class designed to strengthen the base of all your strength…the core.  This workout not only challenges you physically but mentally as well.  Lots of intense work on the core with heart pumping cardio on top of it to melt the fat off of the six pack within!!!


BOOTY & THE BEAST - Designed to specifically target your BOOTY in a beastly way!   This 45 minute class format will fuse lower body strength and one of a kind deep sculpting with CBC’s hybrid training style!  Use this class to help get firmer in your thighs, LIFT your GLUTES and slim your hips.  Booty & The Beast is great for beginners and experienced trainees as it will be effective for every fitness level.


CHUTES & LADDERS - A class that will challenge you to the max with strength and cardiovascular conditioning.   It's all about the climb but the descent is what will challenge you most!  One step, one breath one set at a time, this workout will bust any fitness plateau but can also be modified to a beginner level.  Get ready to keep on climbing!


TRIPLE THREAT - This class combines explosive power cardiovascular moves, traditional cardio and strength as active rest in one set to maximize your output and make great use of your class time!  A workout that keeps on giving long after you've left the studio.  Get ready to just keep pushing and bring your best game!


SURGE! - Discover Loaded Movement Training at CBC!  This class will push you to sprint, jump & crawl, all while developing power, agility and speed!

VELOCITY - A class that will bring out your personal athleticism! Training will reinforce muscle firing sequences and motor patterns that transfer directly into movement found in sports and in life. This style demands working on coordination and integration of body movement to develop speed, power and agility.

BOX N' HIIT - Can you make it another round at CBC? Punch, kick and sweat your way through the fight as we use boxing training techniques to help you become your own champion! CBC focus and drive required!